Asian Dykes

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Joon Mali gets her ass arrested by Lily Koh again in this second gallery I dug out of the picture set. Lily looks damn fine in that police uniform and Joon does well playing the victim. I have sympathy for that cute little ass of hers and the spanking I know Lily will give it but at the same time i can’t blame Lily, because Joon is naughty Asian dyke and deserves the spanking, so long as I get to watch it I approve. Here’s the original Asian dykes post I made about this set, Asian Lesbian Police

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Thai Lesbians

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This photoshoot is an interesting matchup. LuLu Sex Bomb, acclaimed for her big tits and voluptuous body being pitted against quite possibly the most petite Asian girl online, Thainee. Both are attractive in their own ways and together they are like an unstoppable force of sexiness. I don’t know either of them personally but from what I do know of them they are not really Thai lesbians but just performing as such for the camera and us lucky dudes fortunate enough to have stumbled across this hot Thai lesbian gallery.

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Dark Skinned Asian Lesbians

asian lesbians dark skin dark skinned asian lesbians

Tailynn I used to think was more on the dark skin side of Asia, until I came across this gallery of her and her friend. Wow, this babe hangs out on the beach all the time, she’s a sun sponge. A lot of Asian dude don’t love the dark skinned ladies so much but this brother loves it. That dark meet looks delicious like barbeque and I wanna eat it all up. These dark skinned Asian lesbians are hot as fuck and I’d love to get between them sometime, make a sandwich.

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Busty Asian Lesbians

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LuLu and are friend are two busty Asian lesbians. Not only does LuLu have the big Asian tits she’s got the long legs you don’t expect to see on a Thai girl and the thin waist you don’t normally see on a busty girl. Not that her tits are naturally big, they’re pure plastic, but a lot of girls that get implants are lazy bitches and never hit the gym to keep the rest of their body on a level their new tits are on. Especially those Silcone Valley pornstars, always in and out of the lypo clinic and eating lots of twinkies in between and complaining how they can’t lose weight. Poor babies. Another girl in tip top shape like LuLu is Tia Ling. You can check her site here for pics of that very fit Asian pornstar.

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Naughty Asian Lesbians

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I don’t remember grabbing these pics from the members area so I don’t recall if the set gets more X rated than this. I’d definitely like to see some tongue in ass with these naughty Asian lesbian girls, I’d even settle for some tongue on pussy. Great looking girls and good photographs, the photographer has made them look like they’d be a lot of fun to roll around in a pound of Oleo Margarine with. But they could be Polaroid pics and I’d still want to molest their little Asian asses. I forget who is who here, One is Lily Koh, these pics are from her site and the other is probably Joon Mali, I’m too lazy to double check.

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Thai Lesbians Dildo

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These are two classic Thai models who made fame in the days of Asian4you as Asian internet stars. The girl with the tattoo of the scorpion on her tit is Cookie Wanwalee, among other names. The other girl I forget her name but both babes have been tattooed into my memory cuz they’re some of the first babes I fell in lust with online. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this gallery before on some other sites, its not exclusive to I Love Thai Pussy but despite that they have a fantastic collection of Thai porn including Thai lesbians dildo stuff like this.

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Filipinas Lesbian 69

filipinas lesbian 69 asian lesbian 69

These are some old pics from the site Trike Patrol. The photography has since gotten better, like they don’t chop off heads and can aim the camera better so that the models are in the center of the picture and they’re not hidden in shadows and stuff. Takes this as the beginning of the evolution of what has since become the finest Filipina hardcore sex site on the internet. With Filipinas lesbian 69 videos and galleries like this one it is filled with some fantastic Filipina porn. I can’t speak for how much more lesbian stuff they have, I’ll go through the site again and see if I can make some more Filipinas lesbian 69 posts from their content.

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Thai Penthouse Lesbians

thai penthouse lesbians thai penthouse scans

These pics look like something out of a decade old Thai penthouse. I used to love that magazine, picked it up everytime I was on my travels there. Would see all the famous babes like Irene Fah and Natt Chanapa before they became internet stars. Speaking of which, those two would be fantastic in an Irene Fah Natt Chanapa lesbian video. That’d be a top seller, I know, I’d be a happy buyer! Someones gotta coax Natt out of retirement and working overseas where porn is legal. But I’, way off topic here, enjoy these two classic Thai penthouse lesbians girls!

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Asian Lesbian Police

asian handcuffs lesbians Asian lesbian police

Kind of a misleading title, I don’t think Lily Koh is really from the lesbian police service but she is dressed like it here and she handcuff and arrests her girlfriend like a pro. I wish more lady police officers dressed the way she does, in fishnets and ankle boots with a cute ball cap, that shit is hot, I’d be speeding constantly trying to get pulled over so so I could watch the hot Asian lesbian police strut up to my car in my side mirror. I might even get into a few physical altercations with them just so I could get handcuffed, I wouldn’t resist, well maybe just enough for a little rolling around on the ground. Ahhh, a guy can dream..

Ahh, and I should mention the chick with Lily is named Joon Mali.

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